In today’s cities, designers are faced with the challenge of creating outdoor environments as collective, unifying frameworks for new development. Downtown Revitalization involves strengthening the social, physical and economic value of a community’s traditional central business district. The primary goal of a Downtown Revitalization effort is to improve the livability and quality of life in a community by expanding and attracting employment, shopping and social activities. In spite of recent trends to move commerce out of central business districts, research shows that a healthy and vibrant downtown boosts the economic health and quality of all life in a community. Specifically, revitalization creates jobs, incubates small businesses, reduces sprawl, protects property values and increases the community’s options for goods and services. A healthy downtown is a symbol of community pride and history.

At Poly, our design professionals strive to assist communities in creating and implementing a strategy for Downtown Revitalization. Poly staff understands that vibrant downtowns attract a wide range of individuals by affecting many aspects of a multi-functional business district. At Poly, we work with our clients to develop a broad strategy for revitalizing downtown areas that includes creating partnerships with local governments, chambers of commerce, private businesses, civic organizations and other key community institutions. Downtown Revitalization must pay particular attention to attracting commercial business while focusing on developing the unique qualities of the specific downtown.  Poly has been successful at achieving these multi-faceted goals for our clients over our many years of professional services.

Downtown Revitalization Services

Sidewalk Design
Landscape Design
Pedestrian Lighting
Roadway Lighting
Canopy Design
Storefront Design
Building Evaluation
Architectural and Engineering Feasibility Reports
Budget Development
Assistance with Grant and Loan Applications