Poly has planned, surveyed, designed and administered numerous site development projects since the Company’s beginning over 60 years ago. Site development design usually incorporates multiple engineering disciplines including stormwater management and erosion control, earthwork, site utilities (such as water distribution, fire protection mains, sanitary sewer, stormwater facilities), electrical and communication systems and permitting assistance for our clients. These site work services are frequently provided by Poly in conjunction with our military, architectural and public works projects but are also available for independent, stand-alone projects such as recreational facilities and commercial/residential developments.

Having all disciplines in-house provides our clients the best solution for design, permitting and contract administration, insuring a successful finished site development project.

Site Development Services

Preliminary Engineering Plans and Cost Estimates
Architectural Schematics and Cost Estimates
Surveying to include Property, Topographic and Easement Surveys
Environmental Testing and Site Assessments
Preparation of Construction Plans, Specifications, Bidding Documents and Contract Forms for bidding of projects
Paving, Storm Drainage, Water Distribution, Sanitary Sewer, Electrical, Mechanical, HVAC and Plumbing Design
Industrial Rail Spur Improvements
Construction Observation and Project Close-out Requirements