Niceville Sidewalk Improvements
Niceville, FL | City of Niceville

Poly is proud to have partnered with the City of Niceville, FL to deliver a comprehensive sidewalk improvement project that has enhanced its residents’ quality of life and mobility.

The project has successfully installed over 5 miles of concrete and asphalt sidewalks at various locations throughout the city, covering major roads, residential areas, parks, and school zones. This has created a more pedestrian-friendly environment all around the city and improved safety around several schools.  In addition, the project has removed and replaced failing asphalt cul-de-sacs and a concrete roadway section and added a turn lane at Rocky Bayou Drive. This has improved traffic flow and safety in these areas.

Poly is honored to have contributed to the vision of Niceville, FL as a beautiful, livable, and walkable city. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with the city and its residents in the future.

Total Construction Cost: $1,200,000