US Highway 84 ATRIP2 Improvements
City of Dothan, AL | Dothan, AL

Poly provided planning, design, and construction phase services for the Highway 84 widening project in Dothan, AL. The project was needed to increase the capacity of US-84 to accommodate recent and projected growth on the west side of Dothan. The project included adding a westbound through lane, intersection improvements at Woodburn Dr., access management improvements at median openings and driveways, and resurfacing of all westbound pavement. The project was designed by Poly to meet all ALDOT requirements and was let to contract by ALDOT. Poly was responsible for construction engineering and inspection (CE&I) as part of construction phase services. The project extended from John D. Odom Rd. to Bel Aire Dr. for a total distance of 1.5 miles.

Total Construction Cost: $5,500,000